About Us


Our Biker Community ‘Wheeled Wanderers’ is committed to focus on promoting the road safety to all biker brothers and organizing group ride events to feel the essence of motorbiking and to enhance biking brotherhood. If motorcycle influences your lifestyle, then you are most welcome to be a part of this Club!

‘Y’ gen bikers from Krishnagiri District of Tamilnadu, India have joined together to wander around the Earth by exploring with passion of biking. As a Bikers we feel Biking is an art and it is the purpose of living and moving further in life along with the racing soul.

“It is NOT an age, It is an Attitude” – Dr. Nandakumar Thogarapalli Munusamy

WW’s founder and our leading Biker Dr. Nandha Kumar 76 years young rider always says that “Healthy food, daily exercise, feeling positive and being energetic is the most important obsession in our LIFE.” He is our role model and an inspirational Rider of WW.

Biking is a passionate dream especially to all youngsters. So, as a bikers we are very ardent about our Safe Biking lifestyle includes following Traffic rules, Wearing Helmet, Protective Jacket, Gloves, Shoes and the same be educated to the School and College students to create an awareness on Safe Biking.