First Impression : DSK Benelli TNT 25

Myself and Thulashi Dharan went to check recently unveiled Benelli TNT 25 from DSK-Benelli stable in Bangalore. As I taken just a short city spin, this would be just first ride review.



Base version : 1.68 lakhs (MRF tyres), Premium version : 1.75 lakhs (Metzeler tyres)


No doubt, it’s a great looker with Italian styling cues taken from its elder sibling 300 but miserably it doesn’t have massive road presence as it lacks the big bike factor. Fit and finish are overwhelming with lots of attention to detail like Benelli logo over front fender and Italian flag colour-combo under engine cowl. Particularly, I like the matte finish material which flows in between the fuel tank. This design is actually inherited from big brothers 899 and 1131, that’s quite impressive!

Those USD forks and trellis frame are indeed makes this motorcycle a head turner. Though many of the body parts are finished with Italian styling predominantly the tail lamp section, but it highly resembles Keeway RKV’s tail section. Both Keeway, a Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturer and Benelli are part of Qianjiang Group.






TNT 25 feels very light, that’s an advantage for easy maneuverability in city. Riding position is upright and foot pegs are positioned in right place which aids to relaxed posture on the saddle. Both suspensions are well tuned for Indian road condition and it absorbs all bumps well, as a result it comes with superb ride quality. Highway stability yet to be tested since it was not experienced during test run. It loves corner, feels planted and inspires confidence overall. Test ride bike was fitted with Metzeler tyres, so feedback was excellent, I can’t comment on MRF tyres now which comes in base version.





In tech specification, TNT 25 have healthy power of around 28.16 Bhp @ 9800rpm but in a real world condition, it is upside down. Yes, it doesn’t have enough grunt to compete with rival like Mr. Duke 200 but I hope it has better midrange and top end. On performance perspective, I am not impressed much. Exhaust note is interesting considering it is single cylinder, thanks to large dia of exhaust but it can’t match the sweet note of 300!

Refinement level is not the impressive as I felt engine vibration through handle bars and foot pegs.





Brakes feel inadequate but lack of ABS is seriously a disappointment. There is a provision to add one more disc in front, this happened due to Benelli 300 forks are being used here.







I am not sure how DSK-Benelli is going to classify this younger Benelli, whether it would be Street Machine or Tourer? But from my perspective, this bike doesn’t score more on none of the category. Hold on, it has fuel tank capacity of 16.5 litres! and combined with superb ride quality so it got enough ingredients to be a Tourer. So concluded finally!


TNT 25 is Benelli’s first single cylinder bike to Indian Market and least expensive Benelli as well. What next? Get an after-market windscreen to run-away from windblast and lastly you got economical highway companion from Italian Brand. Rival Alert! Mahindra Mojo stands very close to TNT 25 and it priced less. Also both Duke 200 have excellent value for money over both TNT 25 and Mahindra Mojo and it rules this segment even now with its killer price tag.


Photography: TulsiDarJ Photography | Text: Sathish Murugachari


6 thoughts on “First Impression : DSK Benelli TNT 25

  1. Nice review. Very professional. You can try a video review as well especially if you have plans of reviewing the Mojo 🙂 🙂


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