Krishnagiri Kannur, 1 day, 24 hours ride

Krishnagiri <—> Kannur 1 day, 24 hours ride

Riding a motorcycle and exploring the new places are the most wisdom seeking activity a human can do in his/her life. Many says “World is Small, World is Big”. I understood in this way. If you start exploring then world will become big and if you stay in one place then world will become small.

Now days, I am finding no reason to do rides like long weekend or office stress out or any other reason. Riding a motorcycle is becoming my way of life. 300 km distance has become a short ride and 700 km a day make me feel like “Yes, I did a ride today”. All I need is a well serviced bike, topped petrol tank, proper protective riding gears, bike documents and a camera. That’s it. I am just becoming invisible in the world of wisdom.

With no longer explanation I will go with the below video of the recent ride from

Krishnagiri (TN) <-> Kannur (KL) in total 850+ km
1 day, 24 hours ride
850+ km
4 Bikers
25th March 2015

Chalcedony Franklin – Yamaha R15 v2.0
Elwin Jude Cheruvathoor – KTM Duke 200
Ashok Kumar P – Yamaha R15 v1.0
Thulashi Dharan J – Hero Impulse

My friend Dony (Chalcedony Franklin) wants to buy a full frame camera. He came to know about seller at Kannur who offered him a super deal so he has enquired about the shop and the seller with me and here the actual plan got in shape. Dony preferred to get the camera in hand rather than via online so we came up with a short ride for a day to buy the camera. Initially we planned from Hosur and it’s around 350 km to Kannur but I stay in Krishnagiri so me and Ashok started our ride from Krishnagiri on 25th March 2015 at 5:07 am. On the way at Hosur, Dony and Elwin were waiting for us and our group ride starts at 6:00 am from Hosur.

Day before a ride I checked about the road condition and other status and throughout the website source we have been communicated as that around 25 km will be very worse to ride and over all roads will not be good.

We didn’t worry about that and I was very sure about the Mysore road from Bangalore has many speed breakers and that is very worse hence your riding experience will get spoiled. Beyond Mysore we have no idea how the roads will be and that’s the actual added interest to ride and gives more adventure feel of ride if we don’t know how the roads will be. We had breakfast at Mysore at 9:00 am.

I couldn’t believe that after Mysore the roads were so so so awesome. We didn’t imagine that through the forest with clean and clear road without patches are the real pleasures of riding for a biker and top of it curves and corners with less traffic as you can see in the above video.

The worst part of the overall ride is HOT climate. We couldn’t manage the heat. Even couple of water bottles didn’t work. For the heavenly ride take this road in rainy or winter season and for sure you will feel real heaven in the form of riding experience.

In total our ride timing log was 24 hours

Krishnagiri – Hosur – Mysore – Hansur – Gonikoppal – Iritty – Kannur

Due to very hot climate we got exhausted around 30 km before reaching Kannur. Couple of cool drinks and tender coconuts saved us. We have reached Kannur around 3 pm. The camera shop was very near to old bus stand and air conditioned shop was the only relief once we entered in to the shop. Not only jacket, I have removed shoes as well and found a corner place to sit and relax. I didn’t even check the camera models. Dony was very eager and interested to touch the feel his new full frame camera and after 3 hours of time including lunch time finally Dony has done with the payments and packed all the accessories to start our return journey. With no delay we rushed to nearby beach to check in and the worst part is from the road we can’t see the beach and we are not ready to park the bike and get in to the beach so tried to get in to the different route to reach beach but the military people around the beach said that there is no any other route to reach beach but I didn’t feel great about it. The time was 6 pm and we need to start our return journey as soon as possible. So I started finding some other route and around 800 meters before the beach entrance I found a small way to some where I guessed that way will take us to beach and wit out any question I just road in to and to be surprise we have reached a beautiful place as you can see in the above video at last clip. Without knowing that this location is restricted by army, we just went in and started doing photographs and videos. In 15 minutes we were asked to go out of that place by 3 military men. The location was so cinematic and best view of the beach.

Finally we are on the way to home. And of course it was a night ride and we maintained to follow each other to avoid any confusion. While riding through the hill station and forest road during night time I remembered a scene from Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. In one scene the heroin will take the hero for a drive along with her friends to a nearby hills road and the drifting correlation and timing between each car will be so aligned and perfect to see. Same as we were doing slow and steady cornering and constant speed all over the night ride. Still Iritty we experienced very hot climate and a tin of red bull helped us to get some energy I believe. And after Iritty the climate become so cool and pleasant to ride. During day time itself there was no much traffic and imagine about night. Literally we were the kings of the road till we reach Mysore. Couple of pit stops, snacks and few mins chat helped us to be wake all over the night without any sleeping issue.

We started the ride on 25th March at 5:05 am from Krishnagiri
We reached back Krishnagiri on 26th March at 4:44 am.

In total our ride timing log was 24 hours. All together we had a hot, cool, pleasant, cornering, and new adventure ride for a day. For sure we will plan for another trip with more bikers to experience the joy of biking in this route.


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