xBhp’s Thank you Ride – Krishnagiri

Day 13: Krishnagiri

After a wonderful time in Chennai it was time for the team to head towards the IT city of Bangalore. But before that a wonderful surprise awaited in Krishnagiri, a few kilometres before Bangalore.

Sriram led the riders out of the city to ensure that smooth progress was made there. Once out on the highway, the smooth, broad, empty roads allowed the team to make good time all the way to Krishnagiri, where the Wheeled Wanderers were waiting in the sweltering sun to welcome the team and take them to Dr. Nandkumar’s farmhouse a few kilometres away. Suddenly broad roads gave way to a narrow single lane village track as around 30 bikes and bikers rode together in formation to the farmhouse. The team was collectively awestruck by the magnificence of the area. Nestled among some of the highest hills in vicinity lay this 7 acre land with open space all around. Horses, dogs, cattle made the bikers feel right at home. Everybody was welcomed with fresh coconut water, just what the doctor ordered after a long ride in the hot sun.

But the surprises didn’t end there, a feast was arranged for everyone present where the most sumptuous food was served in the most amazing locale. After the most fantastic lunch imaginable, the team set about doing what they had come there for! To thank Dr. Nandkumar for being an inspiration to bikers, half (and even quarter) his age! The Wheeled Wanderers were also thanked for growing the spirit of biking in Krishnagiri. Thulashi who had helped make all the arrangements was also thanked for being a pillar of xBhp and ensuring the community grew in the right spirit.

The team had a little more thanking to do with Thulashi as he then lent out his Hero Impulse to everyone who wanted to ride in the dirt and have a great time. Truly a man with a big heart and a bigger smile!

A day very different from the ordinary came to an end with the team travelling on towards Bangalore and making their way through the congested city traffic to the hotel in the heart of the city. Makes a person wonder why do cities exist at all!



One thought on “xBhp’s Thank you Ride – Krishnagiri

  1. Lovely moment was crossed in my life. Thanks for my friends praveen kumar,ashok kumar, thulasi, Stephen and more. Made me join in this wonderful day..


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