Yelagiri Hills Ride – Yamaha R15 First Cut

Yelagiri Hills Ride – Yamaha R15 First Cut

A short ride has become weather -hood ride for a brotherhood ride.

Me and my brother has decided to go for a short ride to do some video experiments in DSLR and GoPro cameras. Yelagiri Hills is the very nearest hill station for us from our native place Krishnagiri.

Just 70 kms short ride. It is very small distance but the experience we had with the weather was very new to my brother. He just joined the Engineering College 10 days back and he has not done much ride with me in different type of weather in a single day. It was first hill station ride for my brother with me.
Yes, when we started from Krishnagiri at 2:30 pm it was full hot sunny day and obviously day light and had a second thought not to wear jacket but I worn it. We were very slow since we have to do some shooting in camera and almost 10 kms to reach Vaniyambadi town on the Chennai highways we got stuck due to heavy rain. My brother was wearing helmet but not jacket. So no other go we have to stop until the rain stops. The rainy weather took almost 20 mins to let us continue the short ride. When we reached a diversion point to Yelagiri near Vaniyambadi town it was very sunny weather. So that 10 mins made our wet cloths dry.
As usual by climbing the hills road we started to feel the cool weather and of course there will be always a fun time to do ride videos in hill station roads. After a quick visit to boating house and park, went to a restaurant to have lunch cum coffee. Again the sky started pouring water on the ground which made us to wait another 30 mins in the restaurant itself even after we had the lunch and coffee.

And the day become dark and it was around 6:30 pm. Time to go back to home and night photography will also add good fun so spent some time on it. The Sky didn’t stop pouring the water though with constant 3 digit speed we have reached the home. While coming back it was full of Rain Ride.

Weathers and other different types of experience we had in half a day

Sunny weather
Rainy weather
Cool weather
Day time
Night time
6 lanes Highway
2 lanes Highway
Hills road
Wet road
Rain Ride

Wow. Enough experience for my brother to know how the ride will be and how to face the different weather altogether in half a day.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the Ride in all weathers. Do Hard Riding and Safe Biking.

By TulsiDarJ


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